Most Boring PowerPoint

I actually can’t remember a specific PowerPoint that was the most boring but i do remember aspects that made some PowerPoints really hard to sit through.  Since i really only have come across PowerPoints in school i always found it really frustrating when people would put a lot of information on a slide and not give the audience time to copy it down.  Another frustrating thing is when people either change the slide too quickly or too slow so that what they are talking about is not what is showing on the screen.  and in terms of the speaker i can’t stand it when people just read off a paper and never look at the audience and when they speak way to quietly you can’t even hear them.

Presentation Zen would say many things about these PowerPoints.  first of all it would have them remove clutter from their slides and only put down essential info in an easy to read way.  they would have them go slowly through the information so that everyone would have time to process.  And Presentation Zen would say that the speaker should speak colloquially, loudly, and directly to the audience.

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Facebook Articles

these are the notes by Kenya and Lauren on the two facebook articles:

Defining/Building Relationships

  • Author 2(Zhao): concealing sexual orientation, using friends to make more friends, not genuine.
  • Authir 1(NY Times): relationship performance –> “facebook official”

Defining Self Through/By Audience

  • Author 1(NY Times): “facebook official” –> going public, broad casting
  • Author 2(Zhao): present different self-image by having control over audience with privacy settings

Synthesis Ideas:

Zhao and the NY times author discuss the self-image one creates with their facebook page. Users have the ability to select what information is portrayed to audiences and determine who exactly the want to see this information. Whether it be photos, personal info or relationship statuses we present different versions of ourselves to whom ever we choose. Privacy settings allow us to conceal ourselves and broadcast only certain information according to the NY times article. Making things “facebook official” with relationships virtually broadcast in a controlled setting, giving one the ability to carefully craft their own persona.

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Research on the Definition of Academic Argument

I went around Meadows and asked students to define academic argument for me, but I ran into a little bit of a problem.  While the participants were willing to help they had no idea what I meant when I said “academic argument” and so I was forced to change question to asking them to define academic argument/academic writing.  This seemed to help with the confusion.  Almost all of my answers centered around the same things.  It had to have evidence, facts, and/or observations and it had to have a thesis or statement.  Some of my interviewees went more in depth though, they talked about how it had to be backed by the academic world and that it had certain standards and rules.  One participant went as far as to discuss how it has been made into almost a tradition of the people who have built it and that it was evolved over time so that the academic writing of the past is not the same as academic writing today.


I thought it was really interesting that no one knew what I was talking when I said “academic argument” and they didn’t want to answer the question. They were still hesitant even when I changed it to “academic writing”.  This made me think about the difficulty we had in class defining it and while we agreed on some basic aspects and could all probably recognize it if we saw it, we still can’t quite come up with a truly satisfying definition.  The people I interviewed gave some basic answers but were really resistant to digging deeper when prodded to do so.   I also had a feeling that I had a place of advantage when talking to my interviewees.  None of their definitions were as in depth or inclusive as our class definition. We, as a class, took serious time to really think about the question. We had a goal or purpose to find this definition. We posed this question to ourselves.  The people I interviewed were just affronted with the question and were unable to really delve into what the definition is.

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Hello world!

Welcome to This is your first post. Edit or delete it and start blogging!

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